Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Import Cars from Japan - Save $1-2k on freight costs.

When you ask people why they choose to import cars from Japan rather than buy it from the local dealer 9 times out of 10 its because importing them from japan is much much cheaper!! However what they don't realise is they end up paying nearly double to ship it over to their country! Car dealers can do it for you but for a small fee!

If you are planning on doing this as a business knowing how to save costs on freight and transportation is vital! That's where Sam Kemps "Import Car from Japan' guide comes into play!! When you read Sams guide he'll show you step by step how he's learnt to save thousands in shipping costs importing Japanese cars. He'll teach you to save up to 30% on importing cars from Japan and buy and sell them for a profit.

Imagine buying 10 cars and saving 1-2k on each car you shipped over, thats enough to buy another car!! You can profit over 120k a year by just applying the methods in Sam's guide on importing Japanese cars!

Sam has included as a bonus 3 additional guides on how to import Japanese cars to the USA, Canada , and Australia as each have different custom and registration laws. So if you're just a person looking for a good cheap car or looking at reselling cars then this guide is for you it will save you thousands!!!

To learn more about Sam Kemps guide check out the features list below or get it here -> Import Cars from Japan

With Sams guide learn to:

  • Buy from Japan car dealers

  • Buy from Private sellers in Japan

  • Buy from Japanese auto auctions

  • Import your own car from Japan to your country

  • Import a car from Japan for your own private use

  • Import and sell Japanese cars in your country to make money!

  • Register a Japanese car in your country for road use.

  • +More